The Village Association

Our village association “Bergdorf Schlenzer e.V.” is still very young: For many years, all village affairs – the joint village cleaning campaigns, the annual village festival at the sports field, the other meetings and celebrations such as the egg rolling at Easter, the Advent celebrations, the autumn bonfire, concerts and others – were planned, organised and carried out by the village head or through the initiative of individual villagers and groups, until the idea arose to spread all these activities over more shoulders and to accumulate own funds in order to be able to tackle events and projects together. In July 2018, the time had finally come: 40 residents got together and founded the village association.

The purpose of the association was defined in the statutes:

“The purpose of the association is to promote the preservation of local history and local lore. The purpose of the statutes is realised in particular through

  • The realisation and promotion of cultural events and the meaningful unification of traditional and new things,
  • The updating of the village chronicle and the communication of the history of the village,
  • cultivating the village community,
  • organising thematic walks,
  • Maintenance and preservation of historical testimonies and the building fabric,
  • support for nature, landscape and environmental protection.”

Since then, a lot has been achieved: the cohesion of the village community has been strengthened, the joint activities work very well, the big project of transforming the sportsmen’s home into a multigenerational meeting place could be tackled (the lease agreement with the municipality has been concluded, considerable funding could be obtained, many villagers contribute their skills and work free of charge), and also this website was developed and is maintained by members of the association.

Incidentally, membership of the association is not reserved for residents of Schlenzer, and the annual membership fee is modest.