Schlenzer in the Flaeming

The Flaeming, roughly divided into Higher Flaeming (west) and Lower Flaeming (east), is an almost continuously slightly elevated cultivated landscape between Magdeburg in the west and Dahme/Mark in the east. Its name refers to the immigration of many Flemings in the 12th and 13th centuries. Not least because of the sparse settlement and the strong agricultural (50%) and forestry (35%) character, the landscape radiates a tranquillity that is very attractive to noise-ridden city dwellers. Over the years, many Berliners, but also people from more distant regions and countries, have sought a refuge here or moved here altogether. Yet tranquillity is not to be confused with boredom. Around Schlenzer there are beautiful small towns with medieval city centres such as Jüterbog, Dahme/Mark or the district town of Luckenwalde, and there is also a considerable range of cultural activities on offer, and the cosmopolitan city of Berlin is only a stone’s throw away.