Forest Management Association

The forestry association “forest club” Schlenzer was founded on 19 May 1993.

The primary concerns of the forestry association were and are the joint conclusion of a forest fire insurance policy, the pooling of logging measures and the procurement of working equipment, etc., in order to prevent the owners of small forest areas from being disadvantaged.

Currently, the forest management association covers an area of 419 hectares owned by 64 members.

The forestry association has already proven itself with various activities.

Within the framework of funding from the EU and the state of Brandenburg, several kilometres of forest paths were upgraded.

There were several work assignments on the newly developed forest paths, the trip to the state kiln in Annaburg followed by a cosy earth pig meal, the visit to the wood-processing industry in Baruth and various information events for the members.

Various tools and equipment were purchased: barbecue, forestry plough, brush cutter and much more.