Sights and Leisure Facilities

If you don’t want to just hang out in Schlenzer and enjoy the expansive view, there are plenty of nearby destinations to visit, marvel at and enjoy.

At least once you should hike to the Höllenberge (hell mountains) on the northern edge of Schlenzer, where you won’t usually meet anyone – unless it’s Easter and the locals gather with all their might for egg rolling. When the sun burns relentlessly in summer and the air in the valley basin stands still, you can feel a foretaste of hellish glow.

The Fläming Skate runs directly through Schlenzer. With its almost 100 km circumference and a total of 230 km of 2 to 3 m wide fine asphalt strip, it is the longest continuous route of its kind in Europe. Almost all destinations can be reached by skating, cycling or even walking: Outdoor swimming pools in Wahlsdorf and Oehna, restaurants ranging from small snack bars to hotel-restaurants, historic buildings and other places worth seeing.

Wiepersdorf Castle, once the residence of the poet couple Bettina and Achim von Arnim, is now used by a cultural foundation as an exhibition and event venue, and artists from many countries live and work here from time to time.

The monastery museum in Kloster Zinna has a show distillery. There you can experience how the legendary “Zinnaer Klosterbruder” is made. In 1998, a hand weaving mill was set up as a museum in the old customs house at Kloster Zinna.

The towns of Jüterbog, Dahme and Luckenwalde also have a lot to offer. Jüterbog, for example, is not only significant in terms of church history; for over a century and a half, Jüterbog was also one of the largest, and at times the largest, garrison towns in Germany. For those interested in history and architecture, walks through the old town are recommended, and guided tours by knowledgeable locals are also offered.

Along the skating route you will come across several lovingly restored mills, a real eye-catcher is the Hochzeitsmühle (wedding mill) in Dennewitz.

Above the clouds, freedom is boundless. Reinhard Mey has already sung about this. The Flämingskate also meets the Reinsdorf airfield and the Oehna airfield. The airfield in Oehna “Fläming AIR” also offers overnight accommodation.

The Museum Village Glashütte is a listed factory settlement in the middle of the Baruther Urstromtal valley. A number of craft workshops, the museum, shops and restaurants invite you to visit in idyllic surroundings. The Johannismühle Game Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the museum village. Here you can discover and observe the native game species up close in their huge free range without disturbing fences.

The Tropical Islands Resort, Europe’s largest tropical holiday world, is located near the small town of Brand, 50 km east of Schlenzer.

In the Spreewald
Beelitz Heilstätten

A very nice destination for an excursion is the Spreewald, an hour’s drive away. Here, for example, you can relax after a 2-hour boat trip in the Spreewelten Lübbenau and swim with the penguins.

Another highlight is the Beelitz Heilstätten (healing sites). Anyone who has ever set foot on this enchanted site knows the magic of this facility, a large clinic and sanatorium from imperial times, long since dilapidated and now partially restored and open to visitors with highly interesting guided tours. A treetop path offers a view from above.

Right next to the sanatoriums is the Klaistow asparagus farm. There is always something going on there at any time of year and for the whole family!

You can also use Schlenzer as a quiet starting point to travel by bus/train or car to Berlin, Potsdam or Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 1 hour.