Shopping, Eating, Staying Overnight

Let’s start with what there is not in Schlenzer: No supermarket, no organic food shop, no bakery, no drinks market, no DIY shop. For such shopping opportunities you have to go to Jüterbog (15 km) or Dahme (23 km).

But you can also go to Hohenseefeld, 10 km away: There, Apel’s butcher’s shop offers regional organic meat directly from the farmer, there is the baker Frese, who has mastered his craft over many generations, a village shop and a flower shop. In the neighbouring village of Wahlsdorf (5 km on the Fläming-Skate), a small village shop invites you to shop and linger. The shop in the middle of the village is a popular meeting place for residents and tourists on wheels and rollers.

And: several times a week, bakers, butchers and mobile supermarkets set up their sales trolleys for a few minutes at a time at three strategic points in the village. If you don’t know the times, you only have to pay attention to when shoppers gather at the nearest sales point – then the trolley will surely come in a moment.

A special attraction in our village is the Zum Berg restaurant, which has been family-run for generations.

Home-style cooking, freshly prepared dishes and home-baked cakes and pies can be enjoyed in a feel-good atmosphere on the terrace or in the courtyard beer garden. There are numerous restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlours and snack bars in the nearby towns of Jüterbog, Luckenwalde and Dahme.

Comfortable rooms at the inn, which invite you to stay at any time of year, are part of the accommodation options in the area, along with the holiday flats at the Powerhof (Schlenzer), in Wahlsdorf and in many other places.